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Confused Between Upvc Doors And Wooden Doors, Read This

May 28

One decision that many homeowners face, while constructing a new house or while renovating their home, is whether to opt for wooden, aluminum or uPVC doors and windows. Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC doors and windows have gained popularity in recent years and are being widely used in houses. This fenestration system makes a great value addition to any home and installing them can enhance the functionality and overall usability of the house.

The increasing demand and effective features have confused the buyer. To overcome this confusion let's make a comparative study on the basis of all possible advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages - Durable and Sturdy

Easy to Maintain - These doors and windows require very little maintenance. They are not prone to rotting, rusting, flaking, corroding or fading as compare to other materials. They are also weatherproof and rigid and can be cleaned easily with just an occasional wipe-down. Apart from these they are also environment friendly

Insulation and environment friendly - Known for the high level of insulation, uPVC technology helps to keep the indoor of a house warm during winters. They are also sound-proof and help in cutting the outdoor noises. Additionally, saving energy makes them more environmentally friendly as compared to wooden and aluminum doors or windows.

Enhanced Security - Doors with this technology provide a much better level of security as compared to traditional wooden doors. These doors are reinforced with galvanized steel, which makes them extremely hard to break down forcefully.

Disadvantage - Customization - Modern advances lead to several more texture and color choices in uPVC. However, these doors and windows do not hold the option for varied colours or patters as compared to their wooden or aluminium counterpart.

To overcome this uPVC doors supplier like Window Magic offers customized products to the customers through wide range of colors and textures.

Long-Lasting Appeal - Aesthetically pleasing, wooden doors and windows help your home to retain its charm and character. However, uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers technology lacks character and can look out of place on traditional homes. But this technology along with innovation from Window Magic, brings customized products and wide range of texture that enables you to retain the charm of your place and even helps in enhancing the elegance of the place.

uPVC window and door systems are made up of far more durable material as compare to other traditional wooden doors and this makes them stronger. This durability makes them long lasting and resilient, but also makes it highly unlikely that you will ever need to change your door again.

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